Kenya Employment for Education Program Documentary

Captured, scripted, edited and produced by four Durham College students and two faculty members in the spring of 2018. The crew spent three weeks in Kenya documenting the Kenya Employment for Education Program (KEFEP), a five-year initiative focused on strengthening and supporting technical and vocational education and training in Kenya, funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. Over the course of visits to nine cities, the #DCinKenya crew, which consisted of Director, K. Jennifer Bedford, professor, Video Production & Photography and Producer Danielle Harder, professor, Journalism – Mass Media, as well as students from the School of Media, Art and Design, conducted 52 interviews with KEFEP partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries, in addition to collecting 40+ hours of incredible footage. After months of effort and countless time spent in the editing suite, the KEFEP Documentary was born. It is a story of international collaboration, of our Canadian colleges’ commitment and support and of inspirational leaders and institutions in Kenya devoted to the development of education for employment. Behind the scenes, it’s a story of the power of experiential learning and expanding a student’s horizons, allowing their talents to flourish outside of the classroom.

Directed by: K. Jennifer Bedford
Produced by: Danielle Harder
Written and narrated by: Shanelle Somers
Research and interviews: Shanelle Somers and Janis Williams
Edited by: Jeff Burbidge